My educational background

The foundation of being capable is formed at school but real qualities are developed by experience. Despite that, these are my tangible proofs of education.

HAVO (College) Christelijk Lyceum Veendaal

Veenendaal - August 1995 until May 2001

Profile / Economy and Society
Elective course / Management and Organisation

Interactive media Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam - August 2002 until December 2008

Bachelor of Communication and Multimedia Design (B CMD)
Field of study / Development, Design and Interaction

supplementary certificates

Personal Leadership / Phoenix opleidingen, Utrecht
Prince II foundation / Global Knowledge, Nieuwegein
Project Management Methodology / Schouten & Nelissen, Zaltbommel

My professional career

From early age I had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of entrepreneurship, marketing and visual design. My dad made me, via his company, enthusiastic for the profession. Although he wanted to offer me a career in his company I have chosen my own path, mainly because I had more affection to online concepts.

Allround employee Advertising Agency Kreatieve Konsepten

Kesteren - June 1998 until January 2004

Website development / Development of (static HTML) websites
Media campaign development / Support in the development of entire media campains
Photo editing / Editing photos for brochures and advertisements

(Web) Designer / Developer Deactro

Tiel - February 2004 until January 2007

Webdesign / User interface development with an eye for aesthetics, psychology and usability
Front end development / Development of valid HTML templates
Open source CMS implementation / Implementation of CMS solutions such as ModX, Wordpress and Typo3
Traditional design / Offline marketing development

Multimedia Consultant Deactro

Dodewaard - January 2007 until January 2011

Concept development / Developent of (webbased) applications from idea to launch (except for programming)
Corporate identity development / Development of visual identities which are consistent with the clients audience and culture
Search engine optimalisation / Improvement of website positions in organic search results
Quality assurance / Testing and improving delivered (parts of) applications
+ Webdesign, traditional design, front end development

Account and Project Manager / Consultant Deactro

Dodewaard - January 2011 until June 2014

Strategic planning / Defining the internal strategy and product positioning
Project management / Coordinating and organising project teams
Account management / Ensuring client satisfaction and communicating project progress
+ Concept development, quality assurance

Freelance UX Designer Wazoo User Experiene Design

Rhenen - June 2014 until July 2015

Conducting full UX processes for startups and companies

UX Designer CERN

Geneva - July 2015 until present

Embedding UX design approach and culture in the organisation
Establishing user testing procedures
Creating global interface style guide / guidelines to ensure consistency
Creating new user centred interfaces for internal applications
Consulting software development teams on usability issues

More personal stuff

Expertise in the field is quite important but the person behind the delivered results is at least as important. Here is a tiny impression of who I am.

Business Achievements

BUILT A COMPANY / Together with my manager, I have built up a professional organisation containing more than ten employees.
CONCEPT DESIGN / I have developed comprehensive concepts, managed the development phase and realised successful deployment (projects longer than one year).
BUSINESS ACQUISITION / I have researched a business acquisition, coordinated the process and completed it successfully.
COMPETENCE EVOLVEMENT / Independently, I’ve grown from a graphic designer to an allround multimedia specialist and project manager.

Personal Achievements

2011: CLIMBING MOUNTAINS / I’ve climbed mountains above 5.000 and 6.000 meters in South America.
2012: MONGOL RALLY / I’ve driven a 1.3 liter car from The Netherlands through the desert to Mongolia.
2013: MARATHON OF AMSTERDAM / I’ve completed the Amsterdam marathon after only three months of training.
2014: TRIVIAL PURSUIT / I’m undefeated at Trivial Pursuit since november 12th 2013. PS: I haven' played for a while. Wanna challenge me? ;)


PERSISTANCE / When I set a goal, I won't let go anymore. Either if it is a business related project or a sporting target.
ASSERTIVENESS / For me it is natural to give grounded opinions on a regular basis, naturally with respect.
ATMOSPHERE CREATION / Industrial zones and offices can be deadly boring. They can use some humor. I provide that with pleasure.
CURIOSITY / Which topics are not interesting, actually? Every day I run into something interesting that I want to know more about.

Core Competencies

AUTODIDACTICISM / Acquiring knowledge is a daily activity for me. My bookcase became full, so now I'm a member of the library. UPDATE: I ditched the library and bought a kindle.
ANALYSIS / Besides my right cerebral hemisphere, I can also make good use of the left one.
COMMUNAL CREATION / Individual interests often play a part in teams. By creating support and aims a group becomes a team.
OUT OF THE BOX THINKING / When it makes sense to turn right, I will verify the left option first.


CREATION OF CREATIVE CONTENT / Photography, writing texts, composing songs, creating visual designs, the creative process is comparable in any of those fields.
SPORTS / It's necessary for me to push my body to the limit every day. In adidtion, I like to watch football and cycling.
TRAVELING / The world is too beautiful to explore using Google Earth. Being in the southern hemisphere for a while gives a lot of inspiration.
READING / Knowledge is power. Usually, I finish the day reading. Much to the annoyance of my girlfriend. UPDATE: Ex-girlfriend. Still love you honey. X

Techniques and Software

I try to follow international development standards as much as possible. As a result, the delivered work is sustainable and reusable. Techniques mentioned below are just a summary of the ones I use. In addition, I am always open to add new techniques or software suites to my palette.

90% Complete Photoshop
95% Complete Fireworx
100% Complete CorelDraw
100% Complete Sketch
90% Complete Axure
100% Complete Balsamiq
70% Complete Brackets
100% Complete Spotify
100% Complete HTML 5
90% Complete CSS 3
60% Complete SASS
80% Complete Twitter Bootstrap
90% Complete Jira
70% Complete Microsoft Office
80% Complete Google Docs